Money Money Money!

Mr KrabsYes, that is a quote from Mr Krabs of Spongebob fame, and yes I love watching Spongebob Squarepants, but I’m not here to talk about that.  Instead I want to talk about idols.

Jesus has this habit of dropping a bombshell on me at the most unlikely times, like when I’m doing the washing up, in the shower or, most recently, riding my bike to work.

I wasn’t even beeing all holy or deep, but this revelation hit me – I’ve made an idol of financial security.


For a long time I’ve been making all the right noises about faith in Gods provision, but in my heart was this, lurking around in the dark places hoping to not be spotted.  Sorry idol, but Jesus is the light of the world, which includes my heart, and you’ve been called out.

As I’ve become used to having a Holy Finger placed on things like this (a result of that casual prayer “Lord, make me like you) I immediately went “Huh? Oh! Oooh… That’s bad” because it just doesn’t get any easier and I’m really articulate when cycling.

This is a biggie for me, so it can’t be flippantly dealth with by a cursory “I repent, please fogive me”, it’ll require a bit of digging around, probably some healing and maybe some forgiving on my part, and then it will be a process for me to put my actions in line with my words when I say that I fully trust in the provison of Jesus.  And he is gentle and patient, so I know I don’t have to try and get it right straight away, it’s a process.

A couple of days ago I was saying to my wife that it is Gods grace that we have always got just enough money to buy all we need, because if we did achieve financial security then I’d stop going to God for provision and getting money would become an obession.  Ah, he is so good and gracious!

I know I’m not alone in this, as this is a huge cultural idol and stronghold, so it’ll take some beating down, but there is victory already, and I can claim it and walk in it.

It is indeed the season of giving, and as usual, it is Jesus doing the giving.

Jesus, thank you for exposing this idol in my heart.  Please lead me in turning away from my love of money and turning towards you instead.


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