One Kings Way

George Muller bookI’m reading about George Muller and I’m  very challenged by his lifestyle rather than encouraged.  So I pause.

The Father asks why.

I describe the spirit of the day; work hard, achieve through effort and performance.

He asks “Do you feel that?”

Yes, I do.

(I’ve just read 5 chapters about a man who went from theft and deceit to being transformed and becoming a preacher living off of anonymous voluntary offerings via prayer alone – there is no coincidence with God, only perfect timing)

I look out of the window (which isn’t difficult as I am sitting next to it on the bus) and see this –

One Kings Way

Then he speaks via a window sign: One Kings way.

I am a king. He is the King.  It is his way, not mine.   All of that comes in a flash.


I’m not sure where this is going, but I am sure he is speaking and will say more.


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