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We need a langauge reboot

I was struck on the way home yesterday that we in the church use very dated language.

I cycled by a church on in South London and they have a huge banner declaring that only by the name of Jesus are we saved – which is indeed true, but to the un-churched around us, that means absolutely nothing.  Saved from what, exactly?

In Jesus’ day, the Jews didn’t have a word for religion as it was an intrinsic part of their life, so they understood concepts of sin, grace, judgement, blessing etc.  They would have understood that to be ‘saved’ is to be rescued from death and judgement – but now we are in a time where people are increasingly spiritual but have no anchor as we live in a pick‘n’mix culture, most people would associate save with either football, money or electronic filing.

And I’m not sure what language we use ;  the weighty concepts of eternal heaven and hell, righteous judgement and grace have become watered down and form part of everyday casual language.

jesus-saves jesus-saves 2 Jesus-Saves-Soccer

I’m stuck and need some help here, any thoughts?


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A quick brain dump from the Christian New Media Conference 2013

I’ve finally managed to sit down with a cup of tea after getting home and doing ‘house stuff’ and my brain is fizzing with media jargon, inspired sound bites, really useful information and Plans That Must Be Actioned.

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caution-god-at-work1Usually for Lent, the typical person will give up something superficial, like chocolate, alchohol, or even facebook, with the more serious or religious Christian being more pious in their undertaking, and so devoting more time to prayer, Bible study or fasting. To be perfectly honest, I’m not even sure most participants fully know why they are doing it.

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Easter story – Manga style

Last year I got an email from Biblefresh with a link to a Manga version of the crucifixion, which I happily shared (here is the link.)

I also recently happened to spot a longer version stuck to a wall outside St Martin-in-the-Fields opposite Trafalgar Sqaure, so if you’re in the hood, check it out.