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While I wait

I am at a party for my daughters friend and it’s at a local soft play centre, which if you have children you will know all about; chaos on the bright-coloured frame and despair at the tables and chairs as parents foolishly try to coordinate their hyper active child from a safe distance.


I love soft play and I really think it’s time for someone to open one up for adults, but in the mean time, I’m happy to be ‘reluctantly’ pulled on by an insistent child needing help. It won’t last, so I grab while I can.

What I find fascinating about these places is that the kids have an absolute ball running riot with new play friends, doing what they should be doing, while the grown ups sway between mild hysteria by shouting instructions and teen-worthy indifference by sipping a latte with their back turned on the fun. Nothing like a noisy and colourful environment to reveal your heart.

I used to be the on-edge type, trying to control the fun so it was safe, but I have chilled of late and just let them get on with it. Mostly. Really, going nuts on a big padded frame is the safest and best place to learn about risk, team work and strength, all the skills all children will need out in the Big World.

I now use the time to catch up on reading, social media, edit some pics or type a blog post. And every now and then, I pop my head up from my idyllic reveries and observe the wonderful world of kids at play and I wonder; if only the boring and straight adults could be so free, so daring and bold, laughing for the sheer joy of being alive and not at some crass joke or prejudiced poke at someone.

I think these places of play are a small glimpse of what Heaven will be like, people in their fullness simply enjoying being alive and laughing because of it.

Bring it on, I can’t wait!


*Note – Little Miss did hurt herself on the slide, but it was a minor graze and she didn’t even tell me, so hopefully another lesson learned*

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The dad God wants me to be

coastal wallI am a young man (33 years old) but even I can see that over the years – and certainly within my lifetime – masculinity has been diminished by a strong desire to promote equality.  I’m pro equality, I believe that it is a biblical principle and one that should be fought for, but not at the expense of making everyone the same.

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Birthday reflections

Today I celebrate the day of my birth a grand 33 years ago. And how do I celebrate? By staying at home from work with a dodgy tummy and not eating anything. At all.


But it has given me space to think. This is sometimes good, and sometimes not so good. I’m not sure where these thoughts will go yet, so that’s something to look forward to.

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The problem isn’t my child, it’s the system

If you’re a parent or carer of school aged children, then this is a busy time of year, with school assemblies, fêtes, meetings, summer trips and reports.

All fun stuff that I’m sure one day will be missed.

I’m pleased to announce that the Kidds reports are amazing ; they are both attentive, helpful members of school society, and they each received a certificate in their respective class assemblies (creativity for The Boy [age 7] and helpfulness for Little Miss [age 5])  All wonderful.

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