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We need a langauge reboot

I was struck on the way home yesterday that we in the church use very dated language.

I cycled by a church on in South London and they have a huge banner declaring that only by the name of Jesus are we saved – which is indeed true, but to the un-churched around us, that means absolutely nothing.  Saved from what, exactly?

In Jesus’ day, the Jews didn’t have a word for religion as it was an intrinsic part of their life, so they understood concepts of sin, grace, judgement, blessing etc.  They would have understood that to be ‘saved’ is to be rescued from death and judgement – but now we are in a time where people are increasingly spiritual but have no anchor as we live in a pick‘n’mix culture, most people would associate save with either football, money or electronic filing.

And I’m not sure what language we use ;  the weighty concepts of eternal heaven and hell, righteous judgement and grace have become watered down and form part of everyday casual language.

jesus-saves jesus-saves 2 Jesus-Saves-Soccer

I’m stuck and need some help here, any thoughts?


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Word of The Week 111114

Good morning my people,

And what a fine morning it is. Even thought the sunshine is blessing the top of the clouds, the birds are still chirping and I’m still breathing, and that makes it a fine morning to me.

On this day :
Monday 14>th – First appearance of the UK singles chart 1952
Thursday 17th – Suez Canal opened 1869
Saturday 19th – Pop group Millie Vanilli stripped of their Grammy Award for not singing on their album in 1990
Sunday 20th – Wedding of Queen Elizabeth II in 1947

In other news, many congratulations to Ellen on her engagement. I think you’re my first WoTW wedding. As such, I’m sure a special wedding gift will make it’s way to you.

Eurovision Countdown : 255 days until the live final in Azerbaijan (Saturday 26th May 2012 | BBC one) [Preliminary date]

Back to reality.

Good weekend? I went to watch the Lord Mayors Show on Saturday and ate too much food yesterday, so a normal weekend.

Word #1 – ‘Pansophy’ [PAN-suh-fee]noun:
Universal wisdom or knowledge.

Interesting bit : From the Greek, pansophy is comprised of the root words pan, meaning “all” and sophy meaning “wisdom.”

That’ll do for today, I’ve got a CPD seminar on the fabrication of steel tubes to attend.

Calm Corner ~

“Think calm – Have calm thoughts. Picture calm scenes. Recall calm sounds. And guess what you’ll be feeling…”

Tube Station of the Week: Ickenham

*Photo Credit – Robot in the cloud

Word of The Week 111017

Good afternoon,

Well, today has been interesting so far, I had a fantastic and moving lunch date with God, then phoned my dad to find out he’s in hospital with a broken collar bone and he should be dead. All he had to say was, “Well, I’m still alive, so that’s a blessing. I just want painkillers so I can go home” Broken in 3 places and requires a pin, and he wants painkillers. Such a man.

Anyway, enough about me.

On this day :

Monday 17th – My dad nearly dies in an RTA
Monday 17th – The London Beer Flood occurred killing nine people 1814
Tuesday 18th – The BBC officially formed 1922
Wednesday 19th – First Points of View (hosted by Anne Robinson) aired 1922
Wednesday 19th – American illusionist David ‘I’m living in a box’ Blaine ends 44 days in a glass box with food 2003. Nobody notices.
Thursday 20th – Sydney Opera House opened 1973 (and it’s a Half Moon)
Friday 21st – Number 1 record was “Video Killed the Radio Star” by The Buggles 1979.
Saturday 22nd – Double agent George Blake escaped from prison 1966. (Last seen advising British PM)
Sunday 23rd – Walt Disney’s “Dumbo” released 1941. (He has been happy ever since)

Eurovision Countdown : 207 days until the live final in Azerbaijan (Saturday 26th May 2012 | BBC one) [Preliminary date]

Let’s keep it simple as it’s the end of the day :

Lummox’ [LUHM-uhks]noun :
A clumsy, stupid person.

Interesting bit : Lummox is of uncertain origin. It is perhaps from “dumb ox” or influenced by “lumbering.

Calm Corner ~
“Develop a taste for fish: Why are fish so relaxing to watch? Because they movely slowly and, perhaps more importantly, because they breathe slowly. Merely watching them is like gazing on a seascape”

Very wise, very wise indeed.

Tube Station of the Week: Angel

There we go, more information than you can wiggle your mouse at, a calm tip and a recommended tube station. Aren’t I good to you?

Image credit –

Word of The Week 111010

Afternoon all,

Weekly notices :

On this day :
Tuesday 11th – Major sonar search for Loch Ness Monster fails 1987
Thursday 13th – Greenwich Meridian established 1884
Sunday 16th – First anaesthetic used by Dr John Collins Warren 1846

Eurovision Countdown : 214 days until the live final in Azerbaijan (Saturday 26th May 2012 | BBC one) [Preliminary date]

Today we have a fine word that can be liberally handed out in the workplace :

1. An imaginary wild animal of fierce disposition.
2. A person of uncouth or unconventional habits, attitudes, etc., especially one considered a menace, nuisance, or the like.

Interesting bit : Bandersnatch was invented by Lewis Carroll in 1871 in his book Through the Looking Glass

Calm Corner ~
“Take to the waves: sea air, salt water and the sound of waves – all contribute to a growing sense of calm.”

Tube Station of the Week: Sudbury Town


Word of The Week 111003

Good morning,

It is October. It is currently 25°C, with a 19kph SSW wind, 42% humidity, 1,019.98 mb of pressure, a dew point of 11°C and visibility of 16.1km (as observed from London City Airport)

Something is wrong with this picture.


Weekly notices :

For those not paying attention, I am running the Royal Parks Half Marathon on Sunday 9th. It starts and ends in Hyde Park with the starting gun firing at 9:30am. I am aiming for a time of 1:50:00, which, if I average out my running pace over the last 10 runs, is very achieveable.

On this day :

Monday 3rd – Postcodes introduced in Britain in 1959
Friday 7th – Carbon paper patented by Ralph Wedgwood in 1806 (yes, of the pottery family)(I bet he had a ‘tache)
Sunday 9th – Marxist revolutionary, Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara killed in Bolivia, 1967

Eurovision Countdown : 222 days until the live final in Azerbaijan (Saturday 26th May 2012 | BBC one) [Preliminary date]

Today it is all about the A B C. Spot the thread :

Word #1 – ‘Abject’ [ab-JEKT]adjective :
1. Utterly hopeless, miserable, humiliating, or wretched.
2. Contemptible ; despicable

Interesting bit : Abject translates to the Latin equivalent of “thrown down.”

Word #2 – ‘Bacchanalia’ [bak-uh-NAIL-yuh]noun:
1. (plural, capitalised) The ancient Roman festival in honour of Bacchus, celebrated with dancing, song and revelry.
2. A riotous, boisterous, or drunken festivity ; a revel.

Interesting bit : Bacchanalia comes from Latin, from Bacchus, god of wine, from Greek Bakkhos. The adjective form is bacchanalian. One who celebrates the Bacchanalia, or indulges in drunked revels, is a bacchanal [BAK-uh-nuhl ; bak-uh-NAL], which is also another term for a drunken or riotous celebration.

Word #3 – ‘Corybantic’ [kawr-uh-BAN-tik]adjective :
1. Frenzied ; agitated ; unrestrained

Interesting bit : Corybantic owes its English use from Latin, but originally refered to a Corybant, a wild attendant of the goddess Cybele.

Calm Corner ~
“Offer a compliment, You’ll find the good feelings that flow from it will be as much yours as the recipient’s”

Tube Station of the Week: Turnham Green