Once upon a time…

there lived a twenty-something chap in South London ; he had a good, well paid job, a nice shiny car, two wonderful children (boy and girl) and an even more wonderful and shiny wife. Life was good. Then all the credit got crunchy, silly amounts of money was being thrown around by a non-elected leader, rich businessmen suddenly decided to stay rich and stop sharing their wealth and this twenty-something chap found that he still had a nice shiny car, two wonderful children (boy and girl) and an even more wonderful and shiny wife, but he has without a good, well paid job – sans negotium, if you will.

Still, we mustn’t grumble – I had all of my limbs (and still have them), my iTunes was up to date, I was spending the most time with my wife that I had since our year in the antipodes, and I learnt a lot about myself from the wee people – mostly that I hate to have my plans change (they seem to exist solely to change my plans) I am more impatient than I realised, but I have far more love in the small moments than I realised.

A whole 20 months have gone by since then, I am now a grand old 30 years, and I can say with a spring on my lips and a whistle in my step that I am back in full time employ – and I am a better person for the time I had at home with my offspring. Being a dad is truly a joy.

So, there is a brief history of my recent history in a fairly traded chocolate (85% cocoa) coated macadamia nutshell. I hope you feel a little like you can relate to me now, and maybe someday we can work on this and become cyber-friends or something ; we could hang out in a virtual cafe with cool ambient, but uplifting, music, soft lighting and a wide menu of foreign beers and coffees, and talk about all the excellent online sports that we enjoy playing together, we could even sync our Wii’s so we can play eachother. Maybe. Maybe.

Captains log

stardate 01101101.01110010.01110100.01101000.01100101.01101011.01101001.01100100.01100100 (that’s mrthekidd in binary, for those not in the know)

I had a blog a while ago, didn’t really keep to it, then it fizzled out and I deleted it out of embarrassment. However, because I am smarter than the average bear, I kept the posts (huzzah!) which means that I can post without thinking for a very short while.

I have started again because I seem to have a desire bubbling up inside me to share stuff – my life I suppose. I have no idea where it will lead or how it will be received, and I really don’t care at this point, I’m just going to commit to a minimum weekly effort and see what happens.

I hope you enjoy looking at how my brain works.



Welcome to my blog.

I hope that you find it amusing, challenging, insightful and delightful, and hopefully all at the same time.

Have a look around, get comfortable and enjoy your stay.

Feel free to leave a comment or two, maybe a bit of feedback followed by a tweet or FB share.

Above all, have fun. And stay safe (but that’s a given)


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